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AWS Compute services

We use AWS lambda and serverless architectures. AWS Lambda is an Amazon Web Services serverless computing service (AWS). AWS Lambda users write functions, which are self-contained applications written in one of the supported languages and runtimes, and upload them to AWS Lambda, which then executes them in a fast and flexible manner.

Lambda functions can be used to do everything from serving web pages to processing data streams to using APIs and connecting with other AWS services.

The term "serverless" computing alludes to the fact that you don't need to run these functions on your own servers. AWS Lambda is a fully managed service that handles all of your infrastructure requirements.

AWS Lambda is becoming increasingly popular for serverless application development since it allows a company to construct more scalable software and apps than server-based applications like EC2.

The environment must be managed and provisioned in EC2. Each EC2 instance runs not just a full copy of an operating system, but also a virtual clone of all the hardware required to execute the operating system. AWS Lambda, on the other hand, requires sufficient system resources and dependencies to run a given program.

You may also use AWS Lambda to generate portable code blocks for easier development, testing, and deployment.

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