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  • Feb 27th 2019
  • Data Analytics

Data analytics refers to the various qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes that are used to complement and boost the productivity and growth of a business. Data analytics is usually used in the B2C ie; Business to Consumer.

In layman's terms, it goes like this:Suppose a person enters a shopping mall and starts adding things to his cart.

The person wants to buy a pack of toothpaste but couldn't find the isle and a person to help him out; so he goes to the cashier and finds a lot of people in front of him.

The chances of the shopper getting frustrated and leaving the shopping mall without buying anything is high.

Replace the shopping mall with a website and you'll understand why data analytics is necessary.

Data analytics helps us understand why customers are behaving like they're behaving and aids in getting the initial traction and helps convert prospects into customers.

Here are a few benefits that data analytics bring to small businesses.


Learning how many visitors visit the site shows the traffic to the site. If the website traffic is constantly low, promotional activities should probably be revisited. Making sure that more people know about your business helps your business in the long run as well as in the short run.


By understanding the age bracket of the visitors, gender, where they're coming from (geographic location) and what the visitor is looking for, marketers can make their offerings accordingly. It also enables us to see how many times a visitor returned to the site and which pages were given preference etc. This helps us understand what the visitor is interested in.


If prospective customers are interested in the product; the website is perfectly fine; then the lack of sales can be traced back to the product's quality or the product packaging. As a manufacturing company, it has to understand that packaging plays an important role in sales. The way the products were photographed can also be a cause. Finding and understanding this will help elevate your online sales and offline enquires!


Using information collected by analytics, marketers can measure campaign performance and drive in the best visitors. Optimising and investing in the right strategies at the right time can help result in high ROI (return on investment) and bring in the profits.


Sometimes visitors can be eager to buy something or learn more about you and your business but a very detailed forum or bad payment gateway can stop them. It can make them lose interest and lead them away from your website. Understanding these through analytics can help your business grow.

We at DJ Computing are result-oriented and are very skilled at uncomplicating things. With a team that can read into the data collected by the modern analytics tools, we'll make sure that your small business doesn't stay small for long. If you're interested in growth-hacking through the solutions we formulate through the data from analytics, contact us!

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