• Nov 26th 2020
  • Digitization
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Companies started to develop their communication with the field by using mobile technology. It has become a mandatory change for the field service. We are in a generation where many works or repairs have to be done by a person. The customer always expects the work to be performed on time. Being accurate while planning for field service is a must. That will help you out to retain the existing customer and to improve the customer experience. But a person can't be constantly accurate, that's where mobile technology helps in field service. Some points to prioritize,

App amenity

The app should give all information about the mobile worker to the customer. The worker should understand what's the issue before he enters the customer's home/ workplace. It should contain all the options to add images or any attachment. The app should stimulate the worker to give the best customer experience. The capable field app should be portable to both customers and mobile workers.

Bind the user

Field service workers play a vital role in a firm. They are the leading contributor to the industry. A connected device is a must for them because they perform any challenges independently, so the connection with the colleagues would help them do the job very well. The app should give clear information about the customer, work history, task list, and next-step suggestions, knowledge base.

Bid offline

When the mobile workers are there in remote locations they should have access to offline mode. They can download all the information in offline mode itself. Mobile workers can update their work once they sync in range

Locate the user

The app should have access to track the location. The location service will help the dispatcher to know the location of the mobile worker. So that they could cancel or reschedule the work if needed. It is also beneficial for the mobile worker to update their status to the dispatcher (eg. delay, emergency). Meanwhile, the customers will be notified

Furnish knowledge

Not all customers will have the warranty information with them. Enabling warranty information in the application would help the mobile worker to give a clear picture of their service to a customer. They can work accurately if they get enough information. The mobile worker can contact the nearby field-worker if he needs any spare or help

Fix it easy

If the fieldworker faces any complex issue, Which is very challenging to solve. The app should have additional tutorials, articles for the fieldworker, and also there should be a person to chat with regarding the issue. So that the field worker will fix the issue quickly and there will be no need for a second visit.

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