• March 3rd 2022
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Ecommerce has evolved from a secondary channel to the primary medium for connecting with customers in many circumstances. Forward-thinking companies are transitioning from a multichannel to an omnichannel approach, ensuring that customers receive consistent, quality service regardless of how they interact with them. Of course, in addition to the more glamorous customer-facing components, integrating ecommerce, brick-and-mortar, pop-up, catalogue, and phone customers into one seamless experience necessitates back-end system work.

To push more people along the purchase path, brands and retailers must provide excellent omnichannel experiences. We assist you in achieving this goal by providing a variety of ecommerce solutions. We use a unique blend of research, creative, and technological expertise to help you expand into B2C or B2B marketplaces, enrich product information, and provide great digital shopping experiences for your customers.

Our solutions take into account every speck of sand to ensure that your traffic and sales are constantly on track to fulfil your goals. We provide design, development, hosting, marketing, and analytics services to companies all around the world. Our products and services can be tailored to fit our clients' specific needs. On the front end, you can count on us to create user experiences that turn traffic into purchases, as well as produce excellent and robust designs for your online store, an effective shopping cart, and secure Payment Getaway integration. We have the expertise to drive relevant visitors with SEO & PPC campaigns on the backend

Small business owners now have more options than ever before for establishing an online presence. Today, you have the option of opening an independent online store, creating your own website, or selling your products on an online marketplace. So, why should you set up your own online store instead of selling on a marketplace?

For a busy small business owner, starting your own site can be intimidating. That is why many people decide to begin selling on an online marketplace.

In reality, however, running an independent platform is still critical. Aside from simply being another place for people to buy your products, such platforms have the potential to play a variety of other roles.

Here are five reasons why every successful seller should invest in their own website. A brand's platform While there may be some space set aside for your brand copy and logo in an online marketplace, you do not have the freedom to make your own brand the focus. Everything can change with an independent online store. You can customize every detail, from the button shape to the color scheme, to highlight you and your brand. Utilize all of the tricks and tactics provided by professional graphic design and web marketing. Ensure that your company and its products are associated with as many positive associations as possible. Payout cycles are longer (15 days or more), platforms do not allow for increased brand recall, and overall cash-flow and business operations suffer.

Potential to stand out Amazon and other online marketplaces have a powerful homogenizing effect on sellers. They all have the same profile shape. They are all working in the same area. They used the same font for their copy. Photos and video windows are the same size. You can break the Mould if you have your own independent platform. You can fight format fatigue from a fortress. Distinctiveness can leave a lasting impression on prospective customers. You have the freedom to make a more memorable mark with an independent platform.

Content gathering An independent website gives you a lot more marketing options. Web content is one of the most important. There is no better place to host blogs, videos, images, podcasts, or any number of other content styles and production strategies than on an independent website. Make the most of a space to discuss the nuances and details of your product and its surroundings. You have the freedom to create content on your own website that a marketplace cannot provide.

Promote the benefits The unique selling points of your company's offerings can be lost on a marketplace. Marketplaces are typically concerned with comparing and contrasting products. They lack the ability to convey the genuine and distinguishing characteristics that distinguish small and medium-sized businesses. An independent platform allows you to really highlight your specialties. Customers will be impressed by your expert knowledge. Your excellent customer service will charm them. All of this, and much more, can be more clearly advertised from your own platform.

Cut out the middleman with an site When working with a marketplace store, you will be charged fees for listing, final sale, seller rights, warehousing, and transactional costs. Everything adds up. One of the advantages of selling online is the low cost of setting up and running your site. Nobody is claiming that you will not incur costs, but when dealing with large retailers, you are primarily a commodity, not a priority.

The complexities of online marketplaces can also make it difficult to understand your margins and overall profit. If you sell products without a thorough understanding of hidden fees, you may end up spending more than you earn. Our ecommerce solution helps develop independent sites that allow you to sell directly from Facebook via an online store. This feature broadens your audience without incurring additional costs. Having a less prevalent middleman and running your own site allows you to easily scale your business. You can then reinvest that money in other areas of your business. Want to develop your own independent ecommerce store, contact DJ Computing !

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