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  • Sep 12 2022
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Elasticsearch offers essential features for apps, from intranet to e-commerce. It delivers flexibility, relevancy, and features for improved conversion & retention.. Let us now take a closer look at this concept. Elasticsearch can be configured to provide search features such as spell correction, auto-suggestion, faceted search, synonyms, price ranges, results pagination, and many more to e-commerce sites. This, like any other open-source solution, requires proper setup to meet your expectations and business goals

Content processing

Typically, product catalogues lack metadata or are incorrectly indexed by search engines. An automated content processing pipeline is used before indexing to the search engine to normalize, extract, and creamy it.

Search quality analysis entails evaluating users' search queries and making recommendations for a more user-friendly search experience. As a result, it connects the buyer's intent and the vocabulary of the product catalogue. Human language can be difficult for them to understand. We get the result even if we write small words because it contains powerful filters.

Personalization of search results

It can be combined with big data technologies such as Hadoop to provide users with a truly personalized search experience. Elastic Stack (Kibana, Beats, Logstash, and Elasticsearch) is used in log analytics to personalize results and analyze queries. Search engine scoring is a tried-and-true methodology for improving and measuring your search engine based on statistical scores.

Scaling Elasticsearch

They have extensive experience assisting customers in scaling their search applications to billions of documents.Fuzzy search -Rather than focusing on keywords, as most e-commerce shopping carts do, this is a semantic approach to determining the user's intent. MySQL is used by almost every shopping cart. These are powerful but slow, especially if your catalogue contains tens of thousands of items. In e-commerce, every minute and second counts.

Benefits of Elasticsearch

As a search engine, Elasticsearch has several advantages:

1. Individual nodes combine to form a cluster, allowing for the distribution of even large amounts of data via sharding. Data can also be multiplied across multiple nodes to help with high request loads.

2. Simple to use

3. At the same time, it is quick and stable.

4. Provides a variety of functions: Data compilations, Index lifecycle administration

5. Kibana allows for simple data ingestion, visualization, and reporting

6. A variety of supported programming languages, including Java, JavaScript (Node.js), PHP, Python, and Ruby 24 text languages are available for free under the Apache 2 license, and thus can be used for long-term data storage.


1. The setup for an online shop or blog becomes correspondingly more complex as more technologies are used, and unfortunately, Elasticsearch is not available in all environments.

2. Simple managed hosting environments, in particular, do not always provide Elasticsearch. Even on self-hosted servers, Elasticsearch installation and maintenance incur additional costs that should not be overlooked.

3. Those who aren't put off by the extra effort will notice a significant acceleration of the search with Elasticsearch and, as a result, a potentially discernible increase in the conversion rate.

Bottom line

The search capability works right away and provides accurate search results with real-time data and analysis, which can significantly reduce bounce rates and provide customers with access to more relevant information. Elasticsearch not only allows you to export data from sources and load data into destinations, but it also allows you to transform and enrich your data and make it analysis-ready, allowing you to focus solely on your key business needs and perform insightful analysis using BI tools. Because of its excellent features, Elasticsearch has already gained a place in many organizations. Although it is evolving and new features are being added, its core distinguishing feature of providing high-performance search results and consistency is what sets it apart.

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