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  • Mar 8th 2021
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A bill of materials is a centralized source of information used to manufacture a product. It is a list of the items needed to create a product as well as the information on how to assemble a product. The list includes raw material, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product

BOM Inventory Software

BOMinventory software helps manage bill of materials, tracks building of complex multi-level assemblies on the shop floor with smartphones and barcode scanning. Use QR Inventory mobile application for the real time manufacturing process tracking

What a BOM inventory Software Do?

BOM inventory Software creates Bill of Materials (BOM) from existing parts and components online. The created BOM is used in the mobile application to track building of complex, multi-level assemblies on the shop floor. As the assemblies builds up, they are automatically added to the inventory, and used parts, components and materials are subtracted from the inventory. Also, tracks manufacturing process for the serialized, built -on-demand assemblies and generic assemblies. Traceability of serialized assemblies: scan in lot numbers/serial numbers of the components that are used for each serialized assembly against a generic composition list can be completed.

How does it help?

Assemblies can be tracked through the manufacturing process and optionally after delivery to a customer (if you do warranty service or maintenance).All tracking, scanning, data entry and lookup is done on the shop floor in real time using smartphones and QR Inventory mobile application. Authorized users can access live status of everything in production,detailed history of the past projects and traceability information on demand via the web dashboard. Here, we can discuss in detail about each process that BOM inventory software does

Manage Bill of Materials

BOM inventory software manages Bill of Materials (BOM) via web interface. To create bill of materials Search, add, update parts and components from the inventory. Bill of materials can be used to calculate how many generic assemblies can be built from the inventory on hand and what needs to be ordered to build a specified number of assemblies

Track Assembly Process on the Shop Floor Using Mobile Application and Barcode Scanning

Ease to track building of generic and serialized assemblies on the shop floor in real time. Smartphone and QR Inventory mobile application are used to scan parts and components that are added to the assembly. Inventory level is automatically adjusted to reflect used materials, as the assemblies gets build up. Also, follow the number of when and by whom assemblies have been built.

Create Complex Multi-Level Assemblies

Assemblies BOM can include individual parts, components and materials, as well as sub-assemblies. Sub-assemblies can include lower level sub-assemblies, etc. Further, drill down sub-assemblies to check their composition, up to the individual parts and components. Thus creates complex Multi-level assemblies

Build Serialized Assemblies against A Composition List

Create a generic composition list that can be used to apply the same composition to multiple serialised assemblies. Scanning the lot number / serial number of the components and materials used in each serialised assembly while physically constructing it is recommended. You can put together an assembly in a series of steps, one after the other.A shop floor employee can scan a QR code on an assembly to see its composition, what has already been added, and other information as well as which components are still missing. Without the composition list, you can create ad-hoc assemblies. Scan the components you're installing on the assembly and manually enter their quantities. Mix and match both methods according to your workflow and business needs.

Track Work In Progress

Track work in progress for unique, demand-based assemblies. Review the components installed in the assembly, dates and work history. Collect all the data you need for proper documentation using custom mobile forms.

Materials and Production Process Traceability

Track assembly components by batch number or serial number; trace all components back to their origin. Use smartphones to scan data on the shop floor, barcode or QR code. Scan in batch numbers and serial numbers to speed up the process and eliminate manual input errors. Add the mobile data collection module and use it Custom mobile forms and smartphone to document the manufacturing process details on each step fill in the quality Control forms, where applicable. So, need BOM software for your business? We are mastering in it, contact us to cater your needs.

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