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  • Mar 11th 2021
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Inventory traceability is a barcode traceability scanning solution that can be used by one business or for end-to-end traceability across the whole supply chain network. It uses smartphones to search QR code/barcode and document traceability information anywhere: on the shop floor or in the field. Both data are recorded in real time.

Inventory Traceability is a basic traceability platform made up of a web dashboard and a smartphone device. Company workers use smartphone applications for barcode inspection and capturing of traceability details in the field or on the shop floor. Traceability information is being submitted to a centralised cloud in real time. The entire traceability history of each commodity batch can be viewed in real time, on mobile devices and through a web interface.

Inventory Traceability is easy to understand and use, does not require any configuration and is very scalable. You may document all the appropriate product batch information without first specifying what information should be recorded.

How does Inventory Traceability works?

Recording Information

Your staff will log all the documents you want to keep track of at any point of the process. You don't need to define what details to report beforehand-employees can add any amount of lines to mobile forms on the fly and fill them out if appropriate.

Record Traceability Information

Record traceability details and findings in real time, in the workplace, on the shop floor or in the ground, using mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). Use mobile devices for barcode/QR code scanning, data entry and scanning. Add images to visual proof transfers and record signatures on your mobile.

Lot Tracking

Track where and product lot is in the process, which steps have already been taken, who has been handling the product lot at each stage and what has been completed. All monitoring is performed in real time on the shop floor or on the work site using mobile devices.

Building Assemblies

You can build batches on-the-fly assemblies by scanning the assembly and the components you install. You can install components all at once or over a few stages, by scanning the assembly and adding components. Complex multi-level assemblies can be generated in this way and, at any point, the composition and traceability history of each lower-level sub-assembly can be obtained through individual components.

Access Traceability Data

Access real-time traceability information for each commodity batch by checking the QR code/barcode mark on the object or through the site dashboard. Review all related data and findings at one location. Drill down assemblies to view the specifics of subassemblies and individual component batches.

Data Storage and Access

All data recorded on mobile devices is sent to a centralised cloud location in real time. All authorised channel users may review the entire history of traceability of all items, whether recorded by their company or channel partners. Authorized users can access product batch/serialized inventory traceability information on a smartphone by scanning the QR code or using a web dashboard

HACCP Compliance

Become HACCP compliant with this. In case of a problem or a recall, you can quickly find out which product batches contain a problem, where this product batch was distributed and a recall was issued. Limit the scope of recall to affected product lots and react quickly to problems

Be Pro-Active

Don't just react to recalls-prevent them. Analyse the information collected, correlate the problem product batches with the production step observations in order to understand and eliminate the causes of the problems.

Product Story

Optionally, let the end customer see the product storey by scanning the QR code for the item

Why Use Inventory Traceability?

The challenge of maintaining traceability, especially for small producers, is the large amount of paperwork that it produces. If done manually, it takes a lot of time for employees to quickly grow to a mountain of notes or spread sheets, and it's hard to find the required information anyway. The objective of Inventory Traceability is to solve these problems. It is a simple and flexible traceability solution that can be quickly implemented by a company of any size. Inventory Traceability uses mobile technology for easy recording of traceability information on the shop floor, secure data storage cloud, and access

What do you get by using inventory traceability?

By using inventory traceability, you can secure the storage and retrieval of traceability information from anywhere. Fast access to information that you need to address and resolve issues: be prepared for recall, limit the scope of recall to what is absolutely necessary, react quickly and find the reason(s) for a problem

Easy Lot Tracking On the Shop Floor

This is a further step from batch tracking and recording traceability information in a notepad or spreadsheet, but with Inventory Traceability your data is well organised, never lost and easily accessible to authorised personnel.

Real Time Traceability

All traceability information recorded on the shop floor or field using mobile devices is sent to a centralised cloud location in real time. All authorised users can access the entire traceability chain for each batch/serial number, on mobile devices and on office computers.

Easy To Adjust To Your Production Process

Inventory Traceability allows you to record all batch and traceability information without first defining what data should be recorded. Shop floor employees can dynamically add lines to the mobile form and record the required traceability information. They can take pictures of the visual documentation using a smartphone camera and collect signatures on a smartphone

Works for an Entire Supply Chain Network

Use Inventory Traceability within your company or invite your supply chain partners to track product batches across the entire supply chain, from origin to end-customer, across corporate boundaries

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