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  • Mar 10th 2021
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The Smart Inventory System guarantees that the Just Time Inventory Management (JIT) process operates as planned without inventory shortages and output delays

What isSmart Inventory Software for JIT?

Just in time (JIT) inventory ordering system lets you save money by keeping inventory amounts down. You can risk stopping the completion of the product if you do not have an inventory control system in place that helps you to always keep up with purchase orders and delivery schedules. The QR Inventory simplifies you for this mission. With QR Inventory, you can efficiently monitor inventory purchasing, deliveries and use in real time using your mobile and barcode scanning.

Just In Time Inventory Management

It is Just-in-time because inventory management needs a different strategy than stock inventory management. In an ordering system Just-in-time, you order inventory only when you need it to finish a job order/project. But instead of handling inventories, you need to create an inventory list for each project, obtain an inventory list and review what is shipped/what is not delivered.

With QR Inventory tools, you can manage Just-in-time inventory and stocked inventory, or a combination of both. If you've stocked merchandise or ordered inventory on time, you'll be able to monitor inventory receipt and use effectively, in real time, using smartphone barcode/QR code scanning, data entry, and scanning technology

Howit helps?

The Smart inventory software for Just-In-Time Inventory management helps,

Tracking Just In Time Inventory Receiving

When you're using an ordering system Just-in-time, it's vital to make sure that all purchased parts, supplies and components come on time, and nothing falls through the cracks. You may construct an inventory group/list for each project using QR Inventory. Receive inventory in the warehouse by checking the QR code/barcode using your app, and the inventory list is updated in real time. Check what's got/not received at any time. Enter the scheduled date of receipt in the system, and receive an automated e-mail warning if the inventory does not arrive on schedule.

Tracking Work In Progress Inventory on the Shop Floor

Once you start working on the order, track work in progress inventory in real time, on the shop floor, using smartphone and barcode / QR code scanning. The QR Inventory allows you to monitor the construction both generic and serialised of complex multistage assemblies. QR Inventory tracks the construction and work of assemblies as fast as possible, progress inventory. QR Inventory uses BOM (materials account) for generic assemblies as assemblies are formed, automatically change inventory storage. Your staffs just have to check the QR code on finished assemblies to bind the finished assemblies to the inventory and subtract the used components andmaterials

Building Assemblies

You can build batches on-the-fly assemblies by scanning the assembly and the components you install. You can install components all at once or over a few stages, by scanning the assembly and adding components. Complex multi-level assemblies can be generated in this way and, at any point, the composition and traceability history of each lower-level sub-assembly can be obtained through individual components.

Raw Materials and Finished Goods Traceability

Traceability of components and products is also a prerequisite for production orders on request. For QR Inventory, full traceability can be achieved without actual paperwork or spreadsheets. You may document all necessary documents on the store floor using mobile devices, QR code/barcode scanning and mobile forms, and send completed records to the server in real time. Both data are stored in a protected cloud as digital archives for inspection, interpretation and necessary documents in the event of an audit or retrieval.

Are you existing user of Just-in-time Inventory management or New to inventory management? Looking for Smart inventory software? If Yes, Where to get the software? Here we are! We support you with Smart Inventory Software for Just-in-time Inventory management.

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