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  • Dec 14th 2018
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If you are already here, that means that you probably know what a native application is. However, rather than go forward in good faith, we'll briefly talk about what a native application is and then delve into the benefits that come with it.

A native application is a software prince they're compiled and stored on the mobile device itself, it allows them to take full advantage of the device’s full processing speed. For example, Facebook and LinkedIn used to have apps in HTML5 but later caved into the wonderful world of native apps.


Unlike web apps, native mobile apps do not rely on browsers and technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. Hence, user data remains safe if a native app is being used.


While working with limited resources, getting the most out of it is very necessary. Because the apps are created and optimized for a specific platform, they are extremely quick and responsive. When it comes to mobile usage, speed is of the utmost importance.Even a second can cause discomfort to the user and can become distracted by this. Some big names that optimised from HTML5 to native apps are Facebook and LinkedIn.


Nuances of interaction make all the difference in a new smartphone. From the way a new opens to the custom deletion message, the native apps hold the power of being so smooth that they feel like second nature to be a part of the phone. You can't find something like this on anything other than native apps.


When someone uses a mobile app, they expect certain functionalities and patterns that use multi-touch, double tap, and zoom etc. But this isn't available (or as easily available) unless you're using native APIs. Expectations from users have increased and users expect this from mobile apps.


As installed, native mobile apps feel and as if it belongs perfectly in your smartphone. They feel like natural extensions and sister applications of the default mobile applications. Chances of users uninstalling your mobile app because it isn't as aesthetically pleasing as other apps is actually a problem that non-native mobile apps face.


As native app development does not use crossplatform tools like Xamarin or Cordova, the chances of bugs getting into the development process are very low. So the best chance of having a bug-free application? Native mobile application!

The conclusion is very clear. For the ultimate app experience, the best way is always native apps. So the next time you are in need of a mobile app that caters to your needs and your customer's, be sure to develop native applications. Else, you could lose in the long run. So, if you're looking to build a mobile app to mobile-enable your employees or make a mobile app that is aimed at your consumers and clients, we, DJ Computing, are your best bet at making an app that really works for you. Our experience in the field is unparalleled and unmatched. For more details, contact us!

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