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  • April 23rd 2015
  • Healthcare
Mobile health information system, Digital healthcare, patient portal

Rise of Digital India and the mobile computing revolution has been phenomenal, and its growth continues unabated. Advances in mobile computing and wireless communications, widespread adoption of mobile devices, and the availability of many low-cost applications that run on mobile devices are substantially changing the mobile computing landscape.

The mobile phones has become the dominant platform for many of our daily activities - for communicating, accessing information, shopping, learning, being entertained, and socializing. The deployment of smart, context-aware online applications is creating a new paradigm in computing and wireless communication. With so much power in mobile computing there one area with un tapped potential which is Health care.

Analysts predict that by 2016, there will be 10 billion connected mobile devices in use globally, and smart phone traffic will be 50 times what it is today. 1 According to a Credit Suisse estimate, in 2014, more than a billion smart phones will be sold and cloud-based mobile apps will have increased by 90 percent compared to 2009.

A vast array of applications on platforms such as the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7 are being developed at a tremendous rate. These Smart phone can revolutionise the health care. With more fitness and health care apps , the phones can act as virtual doctors on the go. The the phones can remind one take medicines and can let the primary health care practitioners document vitals and patient condition.

With availability of mobile health information system physicians can keep track of the health conditions of his patients. If an integrated health information system is in place the physicians and patients can receive lab results right at their phones instead of going back waiting at the labs. The results received at the right time would play a life saving crucial role for physicians to care for the patients.

India as nation would embrace this new power in communication and would benefit large villages in the outskirts to save life of many with timely care. Here at DJ Computing we are working at such an Integrated health system that entitles physicians to care for patients on the go.

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