• Mar 8th 2021
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Traditionally, asset tracking and inventory management depends on Old-School methods,Spreadsheets (E.g.: Microsoft Excel), where individual details of each items are manually entered, Pen & Paper, A person sits at entry and exit point to write down each details of an inventory .As the size of inventory increases these old -school methods prevails problems or stops working. One among the most popular modern asset tracking and inventory management method is Smart Inventory tracking - Real Time Inventory Management Using Smart Devices

What is Smart Inventory Tracking?

A Smart inventory tracking is all about tracking inventory, parts, materials, and consumables anywhere in real time with smart devices. Generally, Smart mobile devices like Smartphone’s or tablets can be used for QR code / barcode / NFC tags scanning, data entry and look up.

How Smart Inventory Tracking Works?

The scanning transactions using Smart Mobile device helps update inventory in the centralized cloud location in real time. Also, Continuous real time inventory tracking ensures accurate inventory stock count in all locations, field or warehouse. Smart Inventory tracking gives access to real time inventory stock for all authorized employees, on the mobile devices in the field and computers in the office. It sets custom reminders and receives low inventory alerts, globally and by location.

Record Traceability Information

Record traceability details and findings in real time, in the workplace, on the shop floor or in the ground, using mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). Use mobile devices for barcode/QR code scanning, data entry and scanning. Add images to visual proof transfers and record signatures on your mobile.

Benefits of Smart Inventory Tracking:

Tracks inventory by SKU, line item number, lot number, serial number.Track generic and serialized assemblies building, achieve complete materials and finished products traceability, Keep track of purchase orders and invoices

Inventory Stock Management

Track inventory at Out-of-office locations in real time using Mobile devices. All system users can access up-to-the second inventory stock and location.

Job Site Parts and Materials Tracking

Track parts and materials inventory on the job sites, for each project and work order, in real time

Non-Stock Inventory Management

Track non-stock inventory that is changing for each construction project.

Lot Number Tracking & Traceability

Achieve full inventory traceability without the paperwork or spreadsheets.

Bill of Materials (BOM) / Assemblies Building

Track building of generic and serialized assemblies on the shop floor. Can check how many assemblies can build from the inventory on hand and what to order to build specified number of assemblies


Optimize just in time inventory management (JIT) with smart phone and cloud software.

Stocktaking / Physical Inventory Count

Count inventory in hours, not days. Multiple employees can take part in the physical inventory count at the same time, counting inventory in their designated location.

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