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  • Sep 9th 2020
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Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is a quite simple and vast concept. It is based on how skilled you are while using technologies. It applies in both the way that is to find or create something using technology and command over the usage of smartphones, tablets, computers, software, and social media platforms

When your target audience does not have much experience using technology, enabling online business is useless. When you have both the type of audience, you can have both physical and online stores. That will help you maintain your business in both online and physical stores. Making your website clear and easy would help the people who are not well versed in using technology. Designing a webpage/app user-friendly would help your customers who are new to technology.while making the change you have to make sure that you are using all available tools to adapt to the transformation.

Knowing the technology, you can search for or create posts. You can engage with your prospects and promote your business through online advertisements. You can develop an application for your business. DJ computing, an IT consulting firm will aid you with this. The more literate you are with the digital platform the higher the possibilities of success.

Market/customer readiness

The number of internet users has been evolving consistently around the world. You must check whether your target audience is quite technologically friendly. You cannot catch up with your target audience if they do not have a gadget like a mobile or computer. You must research before entering eCommerce. If they do not have any device to access and it is too early for you to enter into online business. Investment in mobile is no longer optional for retailers. The primary way of accessing the internet is via smartphone. Internal readiness is also important.

Technology cost

It is important to understand the most common technological expenses in your business. Technological expenses include a website, information System, accounting and payroll software, and so on. The tight budget will help you to make effective IT decisions. You have to understand the hidden technology cost to reduce needless expenditures.

The challenges of online branding

A lot of challenges are in front of you when you have begun an online business. You have to use many internet tools that are available to enhance better visits. The common complaint is that most of the products are out of stock. Lack of understanding of customer expectations and security issues results in failure.

Digital payment enablement

Some tasks that one must know before initiating an online payment system. Merchant account in which a merchant would accept online payments. Acquiring bank is a bank in which the firm processes card transactions. The issuing bank is the bank of a customer. A payment gateway is a platform that holds customer or cardholder's details. There are a few types of payment methods that business owners must know.

Card payments: It will approve any type of card, credit card, debit card, and so on. Mobile payments: people nowadays began to use mobile for payments. It is easy, quick, and convenient. Some of the payment methods like Link, QR Code are the most popular. Mobile wallets: mobile wallets will store all the data so it has become popular nowadays. Online payment gateway: one will pay directly to the online store. It paves the way for customers to access it easily.

Communication barriers

The biggest hurdle in online business is the lack of nonverbal communication. In business, gestures and body language is as important as verbal communication. In digital communication, time is a barrier if you do not have enough time to respond to your customers or if you share information when nobody listens. If your digital communication tool fails to work as expected, the medium becomes a barrier. People can easily distort digital communication. Attention barriers happen when people get diverted while reading and miss out on significant points.

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